Infinity Instruments Faux Chalkboard 24″ Clock {Review}


The Infinity Instruments Limited Quantity Faux Chalkboard Finish Clock is nice! The size is something to brag about. It’s an ideal choice if you have a very big room. One will most certainly not have any issues telling the time. 
The numbers on the clock face are big and bold and have a pattern that they go by. The pattern is one number raised and the next is carved out. It makes for a basic yet brilliantly eye-catching design.

The colors are a brown like red, golden mustard yellow, and light cream. It does have a lovely chalkboard finish of black as the background.

This clock features quartz movement meaning the minute hand has the tick-tick motion that moves once per second.

I had my husband hang this clock right above our white board as it’s the perfect place for when teaching my children and keeping up with that time. My daughter already knows how to tell time but my son is just learning and this clock is great for pointing the numbers out.

This clock does require a double a battery to run. The battery is not included. My husband said the clock was easy to hang and even though it’s large in size that it’s not that heavy. He used three picture-style hooks in the corresponding hanging holes.

Aside from placing this in a school or classroom setting, I feel it would also work lovely in a kitchen or like colored living room scene.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*