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This month nCirlcle entertainment has released Octonauts: Slime Time! and we couldn’t be more thrilled  about it!  On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they explore all sorts of slimy things that are found in the sea! Of course, the fact that this collection was all about slime was all my son needed to know before parading around the house over eager to watch it!  As gross as slime, goo, and rot is, it plays a very important part in the life of certain sea creatures and our environment.   3343330

My son and oldest daughter ages 5 and 8 years old totally adore the Octonuats. My kids really like all the exploring, rescuing, and seeing their favorite characters doing their part in protecting all sorts of animals found in the sea! I love the take away due to the fact my kids will start spouting off random ocean creature facts throughout the day.
This DVD is 90 minutes long, you can easily sit and watch all the episodes or break it up and watch one at a time. There are a total of eight episodes and a bonus feature teaching kids more about the marine life in eight Creature Reports. Sea creatures on this DVD that children will learn about include Snot Sea Cucumbers, Sea Pigs, Giant Squids Sea Skaters, Mud Skippers, and more . The facts about each animal are mentioned in the episode as the story goes along but also will be brought up during the end in the “Creature Report”. As a mom and home educator, I’m liking the educational value of this DVD quite a bit! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend not just this DVD but the entire series!

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