Baby, Baby! by Diane Stortz {Book Review}



Baby, Baby! written by Diane Stortz and illustrated by Ailie Busby is an adorable book. This sturdy board book is absolutely perfect for curious little ones. My four-month-old daughter is quite interested in books. She has an older brother and sisters that often have their nose in one. She likes getting in on the action too so I aim to keep wholesome and interesting books around for her to look at on her own and together with her family. This book has been a great choice to add to our growing baby book collection! 


Throughout this book, we see lots of different babies both boys and girls doing things that babies do best. There are babies eating, drinking, splashing, squeezing, pounding, clapping, and so on. The story is a good read because it flows really well-being written in a rhyming way. The illustrations capture babies movements and actions perfectly. Aside from seeing all that babies often do, the book ends on the note that God loves them and a scripture verse that’s found in the book of Jeremiah.

The mirror in this book was a delightful surprise. My four-month-old baby girl loves smiling back at herself in the mirror. There’s also a spot on the mirror page for me to write down my daughter’s name. She’ll soon recognize her name and the fact that God loves her with me reading this book over and over again to her. I’m quite happy with this book for my little one and feel it would make a wonderful gift for the special little one in others lives too! I highly recommend it!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*