Offering Support During a Health Crisis

downtown-monks-a-god-for-troubled-times-29686Offering Support During a Health Crisis

Many people are impacted with health problems. Receiving an unfavorable diagnosis can often come as an unwanted surprise. Feelings of shock and sadness may be present. If you have a loved one who is experiencing health problems, then there are plenty of ways that you can offer support and encouragement during this difficult time.

Make Specific Offers
When you offer help to a family member or friend who is facing difficulty, try to offer specific help. Instead of making a general offer, name a specific chore or task that you are able to do. Many people who are experiencing trauma find themselves completely overwhelmed and have trouble communicating their needs. This is why it is best to be upfront about what help you can offer. For example, you may offer to provide to provide meals or run errands.

Coordinate With Others
If you have other friends and family members who are able to help, then you may be able to work together to determine the best course of action. For example, you could coordinate a team to provide meals during the duration of chemotherapy treatments. Many patients feel too ill to drive to their appointments. You may also want to help your loved one with transportation or financial costs. Once you determine what your team can contribute, then you can make a positive impact.

Encourage and Uplift
During a time of crisis, every gesture is important. Bringing snacks to a friend who is sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office can be an incredibly meaningful act of kindness. Cards with inspirational messages can also be uplifting. Patients who are having surgery often have multiple weeks of care or therapy after their operation. Make sure to remember your family members and friends as they face these struggles. Spending time in encouraging environments can also be important. For example, taking a friend who is facing cancer to cancer crusades can be a way to offer inspiration.

Having supportive friends through difficult times is important and can make a dramatic difference. You can help improve the outcome by being a source of encouragement.