Latest Coloring Offerings from Wendy Piersall


In honor of National Coloring Book day, I’m shedding some light on one of my favorite coloring book illustrators Wendy Piersall! Today I’m pleased to introduce and chat about Coloring Bird Mandalas, Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards, and for something completely different The Masters of Fashion Illustration: A Vintage Adult Coloring Book. 


The Masters of Fashion Illustration: A Vintage Adult Coloring Book is different than most of Wendy’s work. I must say it’s a nice change! She has taken art based on fashion magazine covers from the 1910’s and early 1920’s and adapted it for easy coloring! I’ve so far flipped through the 30 illustrations and started coloring one. Time has been busy with a newborn but when I have a few moments I pull this one out.

The coloring book is 9″ x 11″ in size and each illustration features a border frame. There’s no perforation so it’s best to leave these in the book, in my opinion. If you are interested in where the illustration comes from, there’s plate number and the original fashion designers name on the reverse side of each illustration. The pages aren’t super thick so it’s best to use colored pencils or put something between the pages if you wish to use a art medium like markers or pens. The illustrations are printed well.

I like that in the front of this book, there’s a couple of test pages. This gives users the opportunity to makes sure whatever art medium they would like to use would work in this book. It’s the first time I’ve come across this in book and I wish in future to come across it again!

This book features so many excellent designs! If you are doing a study in school or just generally interested in fashion of years ago, this book would be a good idea to pick up!  I’m loving it!



Coloring Flower Mandala Postcards gives one the opportunity to send out beautiful art colored by hand to my friends and family members! The designs featured here are adapted from the illustrators Coloring Flower Mandala book. She took it upon herself not to shrink down and distort the pictures but instead simplify the designs for the smaller format. I love she’s gone the extra mile to make sure she’s offering the absolute best!

She recommends using fine liner markers for the designs here. Though mostly larger in size designs, there are some intricate details that only something very fine would reach well. That being said these are thick and sturdy. You don’t have to work about a marker medium bleeding through.

I love these can be sent in the mail! Extra postage is required basically the same price as sending a regular letter over the normal postcard fee. Design are perforated so they can be easily removed when you are ready to send them or display them wherever you please.



If you love birds, this is the coloring book for you! Wendy does an excellent job featuring 30 gorgeous illustrations of feathery friends. There are  Toucans, Flamingos, Parrots, Peacocks,  Hummingbirds, Owls, and more! I was hoping to see some chickens or roosters but maybe next time. I’m a chicken mama so I’m always keeping an eye out for it!

This book is 7.5″ x 7.5″ in size. It’s the right size for bringing along on the go whether using a medium or large tote/bag.  The designs are  centered in the middle of the page. Illustrations are all circular, there’s no frames or anything like that. The book isn’t perforated. All illustrations are blank on the backside of the page. The paper is medium in my opionion so I would suggest testing or placing a thin piece of cardboard behind if using any medium other than colored pencils.

I’m loving the flamingo design in this book. I decided to get a start on it after visiting the local zoo next week. Hoping for some coloring inspiration while I am there. I’m going to let my eight year old daughter color in this book with me too. She saw it on my desk and wants to do a few pages on her own. I love it!

Want it? All of these can be bought at B&N, your local indie bookstore, or Amazon:

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