Game Review: Top That by Blue Orange Games {Guest Review by Dad!}



Put on your hat, break out your props, and hide your rabbits in this magical match up!

Top That! is a matching and dexterity game where the pieces are items you find in magic tricks like rabbits, coins, and of course, a top hat.

The goal of the game is to collect cards by solving the puzzle on the card.

Each turn the next card is flipped and it will show some or all of the pieces. Some of them might be in grey scale. The players then must stack their pieces, with any grey ones being inside other pieces and hidden (not visible from a side view).


With this in mind, the players have to find ways to solve it with the different sized shapes and parts. It takes paying attention to the card and spacial reasoning to figure it out.

I really like how it works. I think the real kicker is that some cards don’t show all the parts. Not only does it add variety, you have to take special care to figure out what isn’t there, or you end up stacking everything only to declared not the winner, since you stacked a piece on that wasn’t on the card.

I’m not entirely sure if making the items to be hidden grey scale was the best choice since that might cause trouble for someone who is colorblind. It might look the same.

However, this game is solid, fun, and great for the whole family. I and the kids all enjoyed playing. Everyone caught on right away.

I come across many educational activities that claim to be games but aren’t, but this, and many Blue Orange titles, are fun games that also teach good skills, a clever hat trick that makes for a good time to play.

Interested in Purchasing? You can find Top That! on the Blue Orange website and other places for $19.99!


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