DK Readers, new in 2016 – LEGO, Star Wars, Jungle Animals and more!

DK Readers are a great choice for children ages 4-12 years old. I have children ages 8, 5 1/2, and almost four months old in my home. My two oldest children are benefiting from the educational aspects of the recent 2016 readers available by DK without even realizing it because these are so fun!

As a homeschooling parent, I’m always looking for books  my kids are engaged by to incorporate  into our curriculum. I’m pleased that many of these titles are working out exceptionally well for our science, history, and nature studies in the upcoming school year.

About DK Readers

Trusted by parents, teachers, and librarians, DK Readers combine a highly visual approach with nonfiction stories that children want to read. Each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts, and contains a glossary and index, making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits among kids ages 4–12.

Since 1988, DK has sold 49 million Readers and published more than 200 titles in the series. Now, after consulting with today’s leading experts in children’s literacy, DK has transformed their approach with modern subjects and enticing covers that compete for the time and attention of digital-era kids.

Four levels of DK Readers are aimed at different reading abilities: Level 1: Learning to read, Level 2: Beginning to read, Level 3: Beginning to read alone, and Level 4: Reading alone.

The titles we received to read and use among ourselves and to  share with friends, family, and followers cover land animals, ocean animals,  insects, geographical locations found on earth, rescue crews, history, space, and a few fictional stories titles featuring Star Wars and LEGO. I’ll be covering these titles separately by age category so be sure to check out the ones you are most interested in!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*