DK Readers- Level 1: Jungle Animals and Sea Otters! {Review}

IMG_20160823_112319The DK Readers in this post are the newest in  the Level 1 category for 2016. They are best suited for a child just learning to read. I feel these work well for a 3-5 year old if going by age. My son is 5 and he’s benefiting greatly from both of these books!


 About DK Readers

Trusted by parents, teachers, and librarians, DK Readers combine a highly visual approach with nonfiction stories that children want to read. Each book is written and reviewed by literacy experts, and contains a glossary and index, making them the perfect choice for helping develop strong reading habits among kids ages 4–12.

Since 1988, DK has sold 49 million Readers and published more than 200 titles in the series. Now, after consulting with today’s leading experts in children’s literacy, DK has transformed their approach with modern subjects and enticing covers that compete for the time and attention of digital-era kids.

Four levels of DK Readers are aimed at different reading abilities: Level 1: Learning to read, Level 2: Beginning to read, Level 3: Beginning to read alone, and Level 4: Reading alone.


Level 1:

DK Readers L1: Sea Otters

9781465444561This title covers one of the cutest animals to be found in the sea! Children will learn what this creature likes to eat, how they groom, and other things that they typically do. The full color pictures are excellent quality and there’s enough text on each page to not overwhelm a beginner reader. The words are  simplistic, easy to read, and understand.

There’s a content page in the beginning like you would find in most books geared toward older ages. The glossary in the back features a picture, a specific word, and a short description. Throughout the book there are also lines that point to specific things. For example the otter is eating a crab in one of the photos. It doesn’t mention what the otter is eating in the main text on the page but there’s a line from the word crab to the crab on the photo.

I like that a content page, glossary, index, and page numbers are included. These specific features are a great way to teach children how specific things can be found in most books. My son is five years old and he was able to read this book all on his own to me. We learned a lot and felt the facts shared  about these cute and furry creatures were really good ones!



DK Readers L1: Jungle Animals

9781465449627This title covers several different animals you can find in the Jungle! There are Parrots, Toucans, Orangutans, Sun bears, Giant Ant Eaters, Tarantulas, Tigers, and Jaguars. Since many animals are covered only having a spread page each there’s only a fact or two listed about each animal. The full color images feature the animals beautifully and children will likely enjoy the up close and personal detailing they can see.

There’s enough text on each page to not overwhelm a beginner reader. The words are  simplistic, easy to read, and understand. Like all Level 1 readers from DK, there’s a content page in the beginning, a glossary in the back, page numbers, labels to enforce vocabulary, and an index.  I really appreciate all these important parts to understand and learn how to use books are included!

My son is five years old and he was able to read this book to me and on his own without any help. He was excited about this book having recently visited the zoo and seen many of the animals featured here!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*