Crush Girl’s Printed Leggings Seamless Faux Skinny Jean High Waisted Distressed {Review}

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The Girl’s Printed Seamless Leggings Faux Skinny Jeans in the distressed color way by Crush I was eager to get for my daughter. She’s skinny and most regular types of denim jeans and pants just don’t fit her! We usually have to get leggings or she tends to wear pants that are less fitted a bit too baggy. These give her a way to wear jeans even if faux with all her cute dresses and tunic type tops. I was leery on the high waist style but she seems to not mind it at all! 

Unfortunately, I ordered a size too small. I went by the companies sizing chart which was by weight. I recommend if you are unsure to order a size up even if you child doesn’t weigh what’s specified. My daughter weights almost 50lbs. She’s about 3-4 inches too tall for the smaller size so we should have got the larger. We still decided since we are reviewing these to try them out. She wore them for awhile and said they were quite comfortable. The material is really stretchy and held up well. My daughter is very active so she gave the skinny jeans quite the work out. No holes. No rips. No loose strings.

Care instructions are to wash cold and tumble dry low as with most of the clothes she wears. No extra care needed. The coloring is very forgiving of stains!

Overall, these are so much better than wearing panty hose under dresses and what’s nice is one can wear them just as regular pants too. I would certainly recommend these especially if your child has issues with regular jeans fitting right or tearing/running hose often! We plan on getting the next size up for the Fall and Winter season!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*