Book Review/Giveaway: If a T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party!


If A T. Rex Crashes Your Birthday Party“….What an idea! Of course we all know this would never happen as dinosaurs are instinct but it’s certainly an interesting concept to ponder.  I thought it was fun to ask my children before reading this book what they thought could happen if a T. Rex crashed a birthday party (specifically their own)  and they gave me some pretty amusing answers. Eager to find out what would happen or not in this story, we dug right in. 9781454915508_10_cb54e
This book is full of roaring, crashing, stomping, and of children trying to figure out what to do about the chaos that ensues. It’s a wildly whimsical tale from start to finish. All frantic fun aside, this book is great conversation starter on what would or could happen if something or someone is being disruptive in any number of circumstances. It’s certainly a story where children can learn about patience and acceptance of others.  A book to talk about these sorts of things is definitely my pick to ease into it on a way and level kids can understand.


I like how the book is written. It’s a enjoyable read and it kept both of my children ages 5 an 8 glued to the story from start to finish. The illustrations are very child friendly and the colors  are rich yet simple not being overly busy in any way. The typography is great and works well in the book from Bold facing the roaring and other descriptive adjectives of the T. Rex behavior.

9781454915508_26_52bffI recommend this book! It’s well suited for both boys and girls ages 4-8 years old whether they are fan of dinosaurs or not they’ll certainly want to know what to do if a T.Rex does happen to show up at their birthday party of a friends.

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