Book Review: Great Big Body Book


The Great Big Body Book is the fourth in its series. I wasn’t sure what to expect but figured my family could likely benefit from it. We don’t have a lot of books about the human body in our home library and the ones that we do are a bit over my kids heads. This book is recommended for ages 8-12. This is the age when some kids tend to have more questions about their body and the changes that may be happening. I feel books like this are important and can ease any uncomfortable questions children may wonder about that parents or caregivers will have to answer.  This book covers a lot of topics and totally makes for some good conversations starters so I would recommend being prepared for that. In fact, I would suggest going through it before handing it off to a child. There is one page that mentions gender confusion that some may or may not agree on. However whatever your stand point is this is something important to talk about.

Other things mentioned in this book include birth, how we age, the five senses, growth spurts, keeping fit, genetics, death, and much more! I like there’s how our body works, how we are all different, and what tends to happen to us all. There’s a lot covered! We’ll likely be using this book in our homeschooling. The illustrations are fun and totally kid friendly. I really like that there’s a lot of different people in the pictures by race, color, and ages throughout. Something cool that is added is a search and find game where one can find a cat on each page.

My 8 year old daughter was drawn right away to this book. In fact, she’s already read all of it. But I know she’ll be reading through it again and we’ll definitely be using it in our human body and social studies. It’s certainly worth checking out. I’m going to be looking for the previous books in this series!

About the Author: MARY HOFFMAN is the internationally acclaimed author of over 100 books for children, ranging from picture books to teenage fiction. Her first picture book for Frances Lincoln, Amazing Grace, has become a classic which, with its sequels in the series, has sold 1.5 million copies worldwide. Mary’s other picture books for Frances Lincoln include The Colour of Home with Karin Littlewood and An Angel Just Like Me with Cornelius van Wright, as well as the hugely successful The Great Big Book of Families, The Great Big Book of Feelings, and Welcome to the Family, all with Ros Asquith. Their next title together will be The Great Big Body Book. Mary Hoffman lives in Oxfordshire. For more information about her books visit her website:

About the Illustrator: ROS ASQUITH has been a Guardian cartoonist for 20 years, and has written and illustrated over 70 books for young people, including the bestseller The Great Big Book of Families, with Mary Hoffman, the Teenage Worrier series, Letters from an Alien Schoolboy-which was shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize- and her debut picture story book It’s Not Fairy. Ros lives in north London with her husband and two sons. For more information about Ros, visit her website:

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