Baby Preferred Teething, Drool Pads and Bib {Review}


The Teething, Drool Pads and Bib by Baby Preferred are an excellent choice if hoping to extend the life of your baby carrier. This set is specifically made for the ERGObaby Four Position 360 Carrier but I found it to work just fine with my Ergo 3 Position model. The straps (not the bib part) can work on infant car seats and a number of other well known carriers straps too.

My Ergo model is very similar to the carrier these were made specifically for, the only difference is my baby can’t be in a forward position. This set installs the exact same way on my carrier as it would on the model these were specifically made for. I simply took the bib part and slipped it through the buttons. I took both drool pads wrapped them around the straps of the carrier and snapped them together. It’s so easy to install and take these off again without any hassle. The pads stay securely in place and don’t shift around either thanks to the strong snaps.

The material these are made out of is super soft and very absorbent. Honestly, these couldn’t’ have come at a better time. My 3 1/2 month old daughter has been putting everything in her mouth! She’s been chewing and drooling everywhere including on the carrier straps when she’s worn. She can now happily teethe on the straps without worry from me in having to constantly wash the carrier. We use our carrier a lot and the constant washing would eventually wear it out sooner than I’d like. These are an excellent solution to the wash and wear issue.

One of the straps features two elastic loops. I’ve been using these to hang her favorite toy, teether, and pacifier. We change things up as needed. I am delighted if she’s upset having her favorite soothers near by can keep her happy. The loops are great as she can easily reach or be handed her favorite item and if she drops it, it won’t fall to the ground and get dirty!

I’ve put this set in the wash and out quite a bit since receiving it a few weeks ago. It’s holding up well! There’s been no loose stitching, signs of wear, or staining from the occasional spit up.

I would have loved getting this set at my baby shower! I like that you can buy a single set or two. Two would be nice to always have one ready to go if the other is in the wash. The coloring is cream with navy colored sea birds. It’s gender neutral and goes well with most carrier colors out there. I definitely recommend!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*