Tiny Traveler board book series: Japan and Italy



The Tiny Traveler by Misti Kenison is a series of books created with children ages 0-3 years old in mind. This series takes the basic concepts of nature and numbers and ties those in with world travel! It’s a clever way to introduce children to countries and their cultures. It’s a great series to get a jump start on Geography! Even though this series is meant for younger children, my five year old son enjoys looking and learning through these books about far off places that we dream of one day visiting.


THE TINY TRAVELER: JAPAN: A BOOK OF NATURE: I’m part Japanese. My Dad is half so I have a lot of interest and ties to this country! This book features elements of nature that are found in Japan. The illustrations are simple yet they really stick out. The colors are vivid and bold! There is bamboo, Japanese plums, lotus blooms, Mount Fuji, a tea farm, bonsai tree, maple leaf, a zen garden, waterfall, and cherry blossoms. All things that are associated with the culture and country of Japan!

I like how this book is simple yet it really sticks with you. It’s perfect for little ones. The wording is fantastic. The elements of nature are described with adjectives like long bamboo, highest peak, steep cascade, red foliage, tiny tree, and so on. The page with the red leaf has red text. The page with the yellow fruit has text is yellow. Children will learn and sharpen their colors as well as their geography skills!

I like this book and feel it’s never to early to start teaching a child to be interested in great world around them.


THE TINY TRAVELER: ITALY: A BOOK OF NUMBERS: This is a fun book to practice counting! Children will possibly get their first look at special landmarks from this country. Though not only landmarks but foods and transportation that are deeply rooted in the country of Italy! There’s the leaning tower of Pisa, St. Peters Square, the opera, grapes, pizza, gondolas, masks worn at the famous carnival, the Colosseum, art, and cypress trees!

Reading the descriptive text and counting is a lot of fun with this book. I love knowing that through this book my children are become a little more cultured. Even though this book is meant for 0-3 years old. I plan on taking a few things from it and making up a fun unit study for my oldest kids. What fun it would be to make our own pizzas and learning about the leaning tower of Pisa or perhaps the Colosseum?

The illustrations are simple yet engaging. The short text on each page sticks. The counting is fun. It’s geographic fun! I totally recommend this book!

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*