Summer is half way over!


Summer is half way over! Can you believe it? It’s been an interesting first half to say the least. I’m finally feeling more like myself again. It seemed like right after I felt fully healed from labor, I came down with food poisoning! Yes, I was throwing up violently on 4th of July for nearly most of the day and again a few days later. We found out that I was allergic to the duck eggs a friend had given us. My stomach is finally feeling better now but those symptoms lasted a lot longer than I thought they would have. What made that worse I was sick the entirety of the week my husband took off for work. Stomach pain everyday and all day is not fun!


The kids are having a good Summer even though they are doing Summer schooling to catch up with all the days they took off last Fall. We’ve been cooking out, walking a ton ( Pokemon Go has got my whole family exercising more…almost a mile day if not more walking), visited friends on the 4th, out to the local lavender festival, picked berries, and not much more than that yet. But a simple Summer is a fun one. We’ve been staying healthy other than my bout of food poisoning.

Little Miss Bright Eyes (i.e the baby) is a sweetheart but oh my she keeps us busy. She is very alert and in turn wants to be held and upright constantly. She’s okay in the day usually but from about 3-9pm she’s not a happy camper. She’s very tired and needs to sleep but she fights it. None of my other children had colic but there’s a first time for everything! I’ve been doing my best to rest because the crying and not being able to soothe her can be extremely taxing. It’ll hopefully pass soon. Until then getting on routine seems to help in the evening… dinner, park, bath, and bedtime! We can’t go to the park every evening but getting out and walking seems to help calm her down. I know some people say enjoy this time because it goes so fast but honestly I can’t wait till she’s more mobile so she can interact with us and her world a bit more!




How’s your Summer going?