Saganizer Tea Box

The Saganizer Tea Box has really got my tea and coffee cubby organized. Before this box, I was using a baskets with cardboard sections in between along with zip top plastic bags for my tea. It wasn’t very attractive or easy for myself or friends and family to sift through to find a brew that they favored. 


This box is better than what I was using before. It’s got pros and cons. The cons being that it can’t be stored sideways, it doesn’t seal, and the box could be just a smidgen taller to fit most bags of tea. Pros are that it’s attractive and has plenty of space with 8 separate sections for tea or anything else small you’d like to keep sorted out.

I have a lot of tea so I’ve weeded through my collection and stored my absolute favorites in this box. I found that with most brands of teas a box comes with 20 bags. Without forcing the bags into each of the sections, I’ve found that 16 fit comfortably in each square organizer section.IMG_20160728_130413

The design is simple. It’s easy to sort tea bags and find what I want right away. The box is light weight so it’s no problem picking it up to place it on a table or counter-top when guest come over if you keep it stored away in the cabinet.

For the price of 15.99 I’d certainly recommend grabbing this but as for the regular price of 49.99 I’d suggest something a little hardier with a seal to keep tea at its freshest.


* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*