Mamaway Antibacterial Crossover Sleeping & Nursing Bra in Lilac


If nursing a baby it’s so important to invest in a high quality sleep and nursing bra. A sleep bra is much more comfortable to wear than a regular nursing bra at night and offers support that often is needed for mom and baby during this special time. I’ve used a few companies nursing sleep bras and they were uncomfortable to sleep in often cutting into my back, lacking enough fabric to pull back for nursing, and the stretchy fabric to adjust to increase and decrease in milk supply I expected just wasn’t there. I haven’t ran into any of these issue with the Mamaway Antibacterial Crossover Sleeping & Nursing Bra!IMG_20160715_114606

This bra features a cross-over style with pull away cups and comes in a three colors ( I got lilac and adore it!) ! Sizes run small through extra large. Each size has the ability to stretch up to three cup sizes. It features wide straps, wide elastic band, and deep back that keeps the bra in place and gives much support. The back closure features a two tooth catch with three different settings a fourth of an inch apart. The bra is stretchy enough to pull over ones head or you can just use the closure on the back.


The fabric that covers the breasts can easily be pulled to the side and under the breast for nursing access without any rolling up or coming out of place. We have at least three night feedings right now and not having to fiddle with clasps when its dark is wonderful.


The fabric is soft against the skin and very easy to care for! I’ve had this bra in the wash numerous times and it’s come out as good as new with every wash. It’s pretty pleasing to know this bra is made up of special fibers that are anti-bacterial and anti-odor resistant! I’ve not had any problems with either of these things so far!


The bra fits well but isn’t overly tight. Wearing a too tight bra can cause a number of nursing issues but wearing one that gives no support is bad too. I feel this bra is just right. It doesn’t have padding but it leaves plenty of room for you to use your own nursing pads. Overall, I’ve had no discomfort when wearing this bra and nursing my baby! I can’t think of any cons! I highly recommend it!IMG_20160715_114715

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*