Game Review: Dr. Eureka from Blue Orange Games

Be the maddest scientist around!

Dr. Eureka, designed by the award winning Roberto Fraga, is a tactile problem solving and brainteasing matching game. Players pass colorful molecules between test tubes to match the pattern on a challenge card, building both cognitive processing and dexterity skills. Play it alone or at a party with friends, Dr. Eureka is your best bet for some crazy molecule juggling fun!
-Guest Review by Dad-

Dr. Eureka is a matching and dexterity game where you have cards that show an arrangement of balls in test tubes, and you use your set of the same to transfer the balls so your tubes match the card. To make it a little easier, you can turn a tube upside down for a match.

Players start with the same configuration and try to be the first person to correctly match the card.

Game play is fun to try and pour the balls from tube to tube without dropping or touching them quickly.
We did run into a problem however.

When a match is made, everyone continues to make the next match from their current position. Sometimes the players who completed first already has the next match by just turning over a tube, while the other players are far from it, and have balls in all manner of configurations.

Shuffling better could perhaps this to happen less, but a better way to mitigate this would be for each player to have their own stack and the winner is first to finish. This is less directly competitive however. Resetting each round would be cumbersome, so that wont work well.

Otherwise the game is fun and allows for pattern matching and fine motor control. You just might need to find a house rule to help with someone getting several wins in a roll based on random chance and luck.
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Interested in Purchasing? You can find Dr. Eureka on the Blue Orange website or other places for about 19.99!

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