Faith and Discipline in Teenage Bootcamps

green_logo2Faith and Discipline in Teenage Bootcamps

When you send away a child to a bootcamp for boys, you might have certain questions about what will occur. If you are a person of faith, for example, you’ll want to make sure that the discipline involved comes from a faith-based perspective. That’s why it’s important to understand the logic behind faith-based boarding schools and wilderness camps.

When looking into Christian boarding schools for boys, you’ll often be struck by the strictness of the school. This is, of course, a desirable trait – these schools are often a tool of last resort for children who have chosen a bad path. The discipline, though, is not meant to force a child to become faithful nor is meant to indoctrinate a child. Instead, it is meant to create an atmosphere where a child can learn and contemplate his future without worldly distractions.

Christian wilderness therapy does use a faith-based model, but its setting is one where a child is allowed to ponder his or her own faith without the distractions of the world. There’s certainly no attempt to force a child to believe – only to act in a manner that is consistent with moral, upstanding adults. With this said, the child is given a unique opportunity to experience his or her faith without dealing with the temptations of daily life.

If your faith is important to you, a Christian boot camp such as Wood Creek Academy might be the best fit for your child. If he or she needs guidance and help to adhere to the right path, these camps can provide it. Once a child is given a chance at one of these camps to thrive, he will more often than not take it.