Buttons Diapers Wet Bag Review


The Buttons Diapers Wet Bag is for more than just diapers! You can use this bag for wet clothes like swimsuits, dirty clothes because babies can be messy, and organization because things can tend to get all over in a diaper bag or suitcase! These bags come in a variety of pretty and fashionable patterns.  IMG_20160629_103304
I’m currently using a bag in the Afternoon Tea pattern and I really adore it. The sizes of these bags run in small, medium, and large. I’m using a medium but am eager to get a hold of the other sizes soon! The pricing is also a real bargain compared to most wet bags on the market with the medium size being just $10.00!


This bag contains wetness and odors amazingly well. The design is brilliant. It features stain and water resistant material that is silky smooth to the touch. It features a strong zipper and a handy strap that can be hung from really whatever surface I want. The medium sizing is pretty generous! This bag can be washed with regular clothes or diapers and will keep its looks and durability as long as you machine dry low or hang to dry.IMG_20160629_103332

I was able to put two kids swimwear inside this bag with room to spare. I can fit about 8-10 pre-fold diapers inside with covers included till wash day. I’ve used this bag around the house but always make sure it comes along if I am going out. I’ve had to use it on more than one occasion for clothes my baby girl dirtied while out at appointments or on the go. I am so glad I had this instead of placing a leaky plastic grocery bag with dirty and smelly wet laundry into my clean diaper bag! Also it comes in handy when one of your kids has really bad carsickness!

2016060313b3a9d3be71a07d7b09d04cf776b5770bb93658d5 I haven’t run into any negative things about this bag! It’s built to last! The husband and wife team behind this product and the diaper company have done an excellent job in offering and affordable and well designed wet bag! Highest of recommendations from this mom of three!


Interested in Purchasing? You can find this bag as well as other great products at http://buttonsdiapers.com/

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*