Brownie Match™ Game by Educational Insights {Review}

prod3417_2_lgPlayers take turns spinning the spinner and flipping the brownie they think hides the matching number. Make a match and scoop it up with the spatula, but be on the lookout for special spins, like burnt brownies and spilt milk! You might just lose a brownie or a turn. Collect five brownies first to win!

  • This fudgy find-it preschool game encourages numeral recognition and builds memory and matching skills!
  • Includes 16 brownie game pieces, 1 spatula, 1 spinner, and 4 plates
  • Multilingual instruction guide
  • No reading required for gameplay
  • For 2–4 players
  • Recommended for children age 3-6 years old

IMG_20160725_194930Dad’s thoughts… 

This game is more of an activity than a proper game, but it is a memory game where you try and remember which brownies have which number to try and fill your plate with 5 brownies.

There’s a spinner which tells you which number to try and match, lose a turn or brownie, and steal a brownie.


The spinner mechanics, in my opinion, make this an activity instead of a game. You can randomly lose a turn or a brownie, preventing progress and undercutting skill and strategy. It can however even the playing field among players of different abilities. I’m just not sure having the ability to lose every brownie you’ve gained from a few bad random spins is a good choice.The spinner mechanics to make make this an activity instead of a game, since a random spin making you lose a turn or brownie isn’t a lot of fun.


Despite that the kids seem to enjoy it, and the game doesn’t last too long per round. It does require remembering what brownies have which number to have the best chance at winning.

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