Sharing Christ with Family and Friends

Bible-And-CrossSharing Christ with Family and Friends

Leading a Christian life can be incredibly challenging in today’s society, but there are several ways to face this challenge. You can find ways to show your faith in your daily life. If you have children, then you can do activities with your children that focus on Biblical principles. Here are a few ideas for sharing your faith with family and friends.

Choose Activities Carefully
If you are trying to share Christ with children, then be careful when you choose movies or other activities. You may want to visit a religious gift shop to find cartoons that have Christian themes for younger children. These cartoons and movies will often teach a Biblical principle. After watching a movie with children, you can discuss the message of the movie to make sure that younger children understand what is being taught.
You can also purchase coloring books or activity sets that have a religious theme. Many toys are available, such as Noah’s ark figurines, that can help children learn Bible stories while having fun.

Consider Gift Selections
You can also choose to gift religious items to friends and family. For example, you can give a friend a devotional book for a birthday. You can also choose calendars or other items that have Bible verses for gift items. These small tokens can be an ideal way to share your faith with those who are not familiar with Christ. Younger children can benefit from Bible story collections that will teach them valuable lessons.

Recommend Resources
Friends may have questions, and they may want to carefully study several parts of the Bible. You may want to recommend websites or other resources that can help explain your faith and address any concerns that your friends may have. Be careful to recommend credible resources. Some websites, such as, can answer common questions and explain principles.

These ideas will help you introduce your faith to the special people in your life. As your loved ones learn more about Christ, then you may want to have more structured discussions with them to explain specific ideals.