#Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra {Review}


The Mamaway UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra is great! I’m a mother of three and in having nursed all my children (currently my 5 week old) I’ve not come across a bra so comfortable! I know I’m not the only nursing mother that has discovered how hard finding a nursing bra that works well as you fluctuate in sizing can be. I’m pleased that someone finally put a bra like this out there that has the best interest for breastfeeding moms.  6a4e074e-b9df-4c4a-b0d8-b847984c80b1
Does it offer good support? Yes, there’s a ton of support and it’s so comfortable I even wear it to sleep in for those middle of the night feedings. Does it have good structure? By all means, it certainly does! The bra padding doesn’t shift around and bunch up oddly. How embarrassing it can be to have a weird bunching in the breast area through your shirt! The bra pads can be removed if desired. Removal really is only necessary if you want to use your nursing pads that may be thicker. I’ve worn this bra with nursing pads and the bra pads without issue. The band that goes under the breast isn’t too tight and stretches as needed. I am really like the support despite the fact there’s no under wiring. I really dislike under-wiring even when not needing a nursing bra!

Is the sizing difficult? By no means, just check out the sizing chart and the reviews of others moms. Each size can be extended up to 2-3 cups so you can even start using this during your pregnancy and into the time you breastfeed thanks to the awesome elasticity. I ordered a small and it fit perfectly. My pre-pregnancy size is a 32c.

What nursing style does this bra feature? It has strong drop down clips that are easy to manage one handedly making those nursing sessions easy and not all stressful. There’s nothing worse than a fussy baby that wants to eat now and a finicky nursing bra clasp to have to deal with! It’s easy open and close!


Are there color options? Yes, there’s nude, black, pink, and purple!

Machine washing in a laundry bag is all this bra needs to stay clean. You’ll have to remove the padding and wash by hand. I little extra work to keep this bra looking great for the span of your pregnancy and nursing journey!

The pricing may seem high to some but really you are getting a good bra. I would stress that spending more in the beginning instead of trying to get away with cheaper nursing bras is worth it. I highly recommend this bra and this brand! They’ve got great customer service and an excellent product to boot!

** I received this bra for free in exchange for my honest review. **