Mamaway Ring Sling Carrier {Review}


I grew accustomed to using slings and carriers with my first baby and I feel that I’m pretty seasoned. Through my first and second child, I learned what worked well and what didn’t. Now with my third, I consider myself pretty seasoned and experienced enough to give advice on the matter. In having not used a ring sling too much with my first two, I was eager to give the Mamaway ring sling a try after reading all the excellent reviews from others moms and dads. Boy, I wish I had this sling with my first two kids. It’s been keeping my baby girl happy around the house and when out and about. She prefers being able to look around and being close to the ones she loves over riding about in a stroller especially when at new places. 

3efa8fef-3253-4057-a30f-67af49df2649The material of this sling is very soft! It’s comfortable on ones skin and it’s breathable. These things are very important to me and my baby. It’s made from 100% pima cotton and simple to keep clean. I run this in the wash on a gentle cycle stored in a laundry mesh bag and hang to dry. The Ocean Lanna color I have of this sling is pretty forgiving if any unwanted stains do show up and it works great for either a boy or girl in my opinion.9b0c5b3c-e19a-4204-918e-de15fa10b4f8

It can hold up to 50kgs of weight which converts to 110lbs, not that you’ll be carrying anything that heavy likely. It’s a one size fits all deal and it works wonderfully from newborns up to toddlers.

When wearing my baby, I’ve had no discomfort to my neck, back, or shoulder area. The weight is evenly distributed. When she’s worn she’s comfortable enough that she always tends to take a snooze. She’s happy and doesn’t feel trapped or uncomfortable restrained! I love how natural feeling the sling is for the both of us. It feels like just an extension of oneself and it frees up my arms when carrying my baby which can become very tiring after extended amounts of time!57bf91ed-2c05-4bf5-95ef-099ad3e21933

This sling doesn’t come with instructions. Any newbie will have to seek a friend or the internet for help on positioning. I poked around and found a few videos featuring this sling on Youtube. This sling can be worn in the following positions; side, lay down, face front, etc. Once you get the hang of it, it takes less than a minute to put baby in and be on your way.a85235ab-773c-496d-8c3d-fb4b6c6b6e3a

The fabric is generous making it the perfect breastfeeding cover if I ever find myself without. It can also be placed over a stroller or carseat to keep the elements such as the sun off baby if she’s napping. It’s multiple uses are really up to you. An added bonus is that it can be folded and stored in itself as there’s an elastic pocket built right in! It fits perfectly in my diaper bag taking up little space. I’ll never leave home without it!13450075_10154467335464672_3419786814330568535_n

I highly recommend this ring sling. It would make the perfect gift for any new parent.

* I have received this product for free or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased product review; all opinions are my own.*