Dr. K Premium Baby Wipes #drkbabywipes



I only want the best for my baby. Her skin is delicate and soft so only the gentlest of skincare products will do. Wipes are something I can be intensely picky about. They need to be moist, strong, generously sized, and affordable. The Dr. K Premium Baby Wipes meet several of my criteria choices. These wipes come in six full packs that contain 72 wipes each. The packs can be sealed shut with a sticky sticker part on the top if not moving them to a different container. The downside of putting them in pouch, container, or warmer would be the fact that when they are pulled the next wipe doesn’t travel up. The wipes not coming one after the other is my only con but it’s something I can look past due to the excellent quality of the wipes.drk2

The wipes are green! Not green in color but in the fact they contain no harmful chemicals! These are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. The best thing about these is that they can be used in so many ways, not just for babies. I’ve used these wipes daily since bringing my daughter home from the hospital about a month ago. Her skin has not broken out but is left clean and refreshed after each diaper change. I typically use just 1-2 wipes with each change. The wipes are sized generously and don’t fall apart with use. I really like not only the softness but the thickness of the wipes. It’s nice to know that these wipes can be flushed if preferred.drk3

The quality and quantity for the price of $19.00 (as of this review) a good deal, in my opinion. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend these wipes for those of all ages and for whatever use you need a excellent quality wipe for!

I received this product at a discount in exchange of my honest review.