Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen by Jennifer McGruther

Broths and stocks are a crucial part of preparing meals that are nutritious and delicious. Sure, one could buy the ready made stuff but I know first hand that making your own reaps a much tastier offering. It’s honestly not that hard at all to make your own but most people aren’t exactly sure how. This book walks readers through in exactly how to make the basic bases and add then takes it to another level. Not only will one learn how to make over a dozen broths and stocks but there are also recipes within to create meals of all kinds with those bases. 

The book begins with an introduction of broth. One will learn the difference between both broth, bone broths, and stock. I have learned a tremendous amount of information such as why specific things like vinegar go into a broth and what a wine will do for it. There are specific vegetables you’ll want to in-cooperate and those you’ll really need to steer clear of. The best spices you’ll need is mentioned and whether or not you’ll want to use a stockpot or dutch oven. I love learning not just the how but also the why behind that choice.

There are forty recipes. Recipes are from a plethora of cultures. I adore that a Quick Pho recipe is included. I love getting Pho soup out but have yet to make my own. It’s on the to do list. Others recipes I’m excited about cooking for my family are the Potato and Onion Au Gratin, Black Bean Soup, Rhode Island Clear Clam Chowder, and Irish Vegetable Soup. Every recipe features a full color photo of the dish! I think the photos really add to this book quite a bit! If I’m feeling adventurous there are days when I flip through a cookbook like this one and chose something at random thanks to the photo!

This book features classic recipes and those that are a bit more fancy. I’m excited about cooking some if not all the recipes in this book. I feel I now have a great resource on the bases of broths, bone broths, and stocks that I could whip up just about anything with them! The great thing is you can make the bases, freeze them, and be ready to cook something up right away! Money and time saving features makes this book a winner!

I like and have gotten so much out of this book that I bought my mom a copy for her birthday! Highest of recommendations!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.