A Lovely Shade of Lavender

I wanted to share a few photos taken of Lavender this Summer. All pictures expect for the last were taken at the Clackamas Lavender Festival. We’ve visited this festival for the last three years since we discovered it. It’s such a serene atmosphere surrounded by such a sweet and somewhat intoxicating scent. I’ll share a few my family shots soon as it was Lydia’s first adventure out there ( even though she slept for most of it)!

The last photo was taken of a Lavender plant I’ve been growing in my herb garden since last year. I’ve yet to use this herb in my cooking but I’ve dried it and filled a few sachets to put in my dresser to keep things smelling wonderfully. Other ways I enjoy this herb is in its oil format and in health and beauty products.

So vibrant and beautiful!

What are some ways that you enjoy lavender? Are there any local festivals celebrating this herb near you?