Purple Safety Clinical Baby Digital Thermometer #promotion

81OBqziBzpL._SX522_The Purple Safety Clinical Baby Digital Thermometer is not just ideal for using with baby but for the whole family! It’s been FDA & CE approved ensuring that it’s passed the highest of standards in ensuring the more accurate of readings. Readings can be taken orally under the tongue, rectally, or under ones arm with this thermometer. What makes this thermometer different than most is the fact it features a soft flexible tip! I’ve used ones that don’t and they aren’t very comfortable in the least bit, especially for a child that may not be a fan of having their temperature taken in the very first place. 

63f61d8b97a8adb83df75be839840754237616d0I like that this thermometer comes with an spare battery! Battery life is approximately 200 hours so it’ll be a good while before needing to swap it out for continual use. There’s a auto shut off feature that will shut off the thermometer after 10 minutes to save battery life.df80a69157f45312a6fe796356877887f69a632b

I found that it takes about thirty seconds to take a reading. Previous results always show up before you take another temperature reading which is helpful if needing to keep track. Once the temperature is read, it beeps to let you know it’s done. There is also a separate sound if the temperature taken is 100.0°F or over. There’s is only a Fahrenheit reading option. Since the thermometer is waterproof it’s easy to sanitize it without worry of damage.

I found this thermometer to be of top quality. It’s comfortable to use, simple to keep clean, and since it comes with a case easy to keep stored and sanitized till our next use of it.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.