Waiting on Baby


Yesterday was my 38 week prenatal check up .  According to my Doctor, I’m measuring at 39 weeks and things are progressing quickly. I’m 3.5cm dilated already and pretty much on labor alert! I’ve been feeling very off all week. The BH contractions have been all over the place and getting comfortable at all is proving quite difficult. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with other tasks without overdoing it. But lately with the already lack of sleep and low iron, it’s hard to even make complete thoughts and sentences! She also is so low that it feels like she’s going to drop completely out when I walk around.

Baby may be born in April or she may come early May. Making it to her due date currently seems a pretty slim chance.  Maybe labor will start over the weekend when the crazy hot temperatures are happening. I can really do without 86 degrees in late April. It’s very unseasonably warm. Usually we don’t see that sort of weather till late June, if that. I guess the plus is that if she does come during this time that it won’t be cold out! I recall bringing home my son in January from the hospital and it was very cold!

>With baby on the way and Summer right around the corner, we’ll be taking school off for awhile but still will keep focused on science, nature, reading, and other review work. Aside from baby coming, other adjustments will be going on in the life of my family but more on that later.

Prayers are welcome as I go into labor! Pray for a healthy baby girl. A safe delivery and for my husband and two other children during this exciting time!