The bee-friendly Garden By Kate Frey + Gretchen LeBuhn {Book Review}

9781607747635The Bee-Friendly Garden by Kate Frey & Gretchen LeBuhn is a book I’m proud to not just display on my shelf but to turn too often when deciding what to plant in my yard. This book starts out explaining the importance of bees for our gardening and how they are needed to achieve a well nourished and thriving food source. It goes on to explain the recent colony collapse of bees and the steps one can take whether located in the city or country in making a positive impact to help restore this growing global problem.

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What a great resource in helping users know what plants to choose for your bee friendly garden! It goes into depth by providing information based on what region one may be located in. You don’t necessarily have to grow an edible garden to draw in bees, you could just do flowers and so forth. Every attempt whether big or small can reap such rewards!

If you are not knowing how to design your garden, there’s an entire chapter dedicated to just that. It breaks down the basics of what you should know about a Bee Garden and provides loads of information on how to become a Bee Activist if you so chose to take the fight behind your backyard.

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This book is full of beautiful photography! My children age 7 and 5 love to look at this book. Though we’ve already touched on bees in our homeschooling, I’m continuing to teach them to always be mindful in the plants we chose for our yard (some should be avoided!). It’s a great book for those of all ages. I intend on in-cooperating all the information into hands on lesson plans for my kids. It debunks many myths and other things about bees. Though this book is mainly about bees, we’ve learned that similar plants can draw in other pollinators such as butterflies, birds, and many other beneficial insects.

I highly recommend this book to everyone aiming to help sustain bee and our food source! Pollinators are very important and there’s a real need in doing everything we can to give them the best rate of survival in keeping our world thriving! Book is available in print and digital format!

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.