Colorona: Acrylic Paint Set Kit for Beginners, Students & Artists {Review}

The Acrylic Paint Set Kit for Beginners, Students & Artists by Colorona is great for all ages! I like the compact size and feel it’s ideal for a smaller project or for someone just wanting to get their feet wet in the world of painting without knowing where to start!

43f44f69-edde-4e9d-b65a-3d589d3ede75There are 12 paint tubes all different colors. The colors and shades included are dark green, light brown, teal blue, green, dark brown orange, black, white, charcoal, purple, red, and yellow. The paint quality is nice. The colors stand out and can be mixed with ease to acquire a specific shade. The paints also work well when blending more than one shade together. These paints are water based and completely non-toxic. The non-toxic makes me happy that I can let my children use these without any worry!

The paint tubes are sealed tightly and seem pretty durable. I have no worry of these cracking or wearing out after many uses. To open you’ll need to turn the cap upside down and screw the little star top into the corresponding area on the inner bottle tip on the inside. Just be careful because the first few times I opened these I got paint on my fingers from the pressure! Oops!c4a8186d-6819-4eac-8a4b-8db627644f58

Aside from the paint, this kit includes everything else you’d need to get painting such as a palette, 3 brushes in different sizings, and a sponge. I like the convenience of not having to scurry about a craft store finding and then discovering I’ve forgotten some needed item to continue with a project.

I’ve been using this set to paint pots for my kitchen windowsill for a fun Spring project. I’ve found that the color stays nice and vibrant. It only took about 2-3 layers to achieve the level of coverage on my pots that I prefer. This paint worked very well on terracotta and dries quickly! I like knowing that it will also work well on canvas, wood, metal, artist paper, and so forth. It’s nice to have a well-rounded quality paint medium to use when needed!cf0d7368-3543-41ec-966f-03877199c94a

In testing the waters of painting with my kids, if they so chose to delve deeper into the world of painting, I will indeed purchase another set or two. Indeed this kit makes a fine and lovely choice! I highly recommend it!

I received this product at discount in exchange for an honest review.