Barber’s Choice Hair Cutting Barber Scissors {Review} #BarbrChoice

I tend to trim and cut my entire families hair at home. Getting regular cuts and trims for a family of five can really add up to a lot of money. The money spent on haircuts and trims we’d rather save and put toward owning a home of our own. I know it may not seem like too much of a savings but a lot but every little bit here there can contribute in a big way over time. I firmly believe that a quick trim and even a more detailed cut with a high quality tool in the right hands can end up looking just great! If feeling underly confident the internet is a great source of how to videos in trimming ones hair! DSCN5201
The Barber’s Choice Hair Cutting Barber Scissors are what I’ve been using lately for cutting and trimming. These scissors are top quality! I like the fact that these comes in a premium carrying case and also include a high quality comb. In having a place to store important hair cutting tools like this, my life is made a little easier. Having all my tools for this task in one place together ensures no more rushing about to get everything together. In having the case included, I’m pleased in knowing the scissors will be better protected from over time wear.DSCN5205
These scissors cut exceptionally well. There’s been no tugging, pulling, or having to re-trim hair most scissors would have missed. They are very sharp being made of high quality 420 Japanese Stainless Steel. Overtime I know these will dull like most scissors but they also can be re-sharpened to extend the use of the blades. The scissors aren’t overly heavy and are designed to rest comfortably in ones grasp while cutting. My hands never cramped up and my elbows didn’t get sore with use!DSCN5206Something I’ve not come across before is the little gear on the scissors. This gear can be turned to adjust how loose or how tight you’d like your cutting tension to be! This customizable feature is quite appealing! DSCN5207
Being marketed to the professional and for at home use, it’s nice to know they come with a life guarantee! If you aren’t happy with scissors, the company also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. I’ve used these quite a bit already and haven’t come across any cons. I highly recommend this set!


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I received this product for discount/free in exchange of an unbiased and honest review.