Third Trimester Update



Life has been a bit draining lately, I won’t deny it! I’m on the home stretch of my pregnancy now and instead of moving quickly it’s slow down drastically.  A couple of weeks ago I failed my 1 hour non-fasting glucose test. Since I failed, I had to go back in to take a three hour test. This test was not fun. I had to stay at the lab for three hours after fasting to get my blood drawn 4 times from 9pm the night before and wasn’t allowed to leave till around 12:30pm. Thankfully my mother in law was available to watch the kids and my husband could get time off to go with me! The results came back that I do not have gestational diabetes! Praise the Lord. As, trying as this pregnancy has been energy wise and my body not absorbing vitamins and iron (anemia) well, I really didn’t want something else to try to adjust before baby arrives!
Since I switched from a adult vitamin to a prenatal and from 1 iron pill to two a day. I’ve felt less brain fog.  Has all my energy returned? Most certainly not but I feel I’m managing better.  This so far has been my most challenging pregnancy! I’m praying it continues to go okay and that it’s smooth sailing from here on out. I only have 6 more Doctor appointments before Lydia’s due date! She may come sooner and she may come later. I have a feeling she’ll arrive before her due date, but we’ll see.


The kids came down with a nasty illness last week. My son had Laryngitis which took him roughly a week to get over and his sister had something similar. They were both fighting fevers that just wouldn’t go away. It was scary! I am counting my blessings that I did not catch whatever they had. Truly a God thing because if one person gets sick in our family usually everyone gets it. Praying that no one else gets sick before baby arrives and even after. There’s been a lot of illness going around the area!

Not a huge update but an update none the less!