Lil’ Jumbl Folding Baby Bath Tub with Sling


The Lil’ Jumbl Folding Baby Bath Tub with Sling is an essential baby gear I wish I had with my oldest children when they were little. Being renters, we currently and previously have lived in homes that lack a good amount of space. Baby gear can be big and bulky and finding places to keep and store it can be a real headache. The fact that this tub is full collapsible when not in use is a huge benefit to my family! The space saving feature was the number one selling point for our purchase! 

The tub has a number of great features. It’s genius design saves parents space, money, and time! Money wise you are not going to have to purchase another tub once your baby grows out of the newborn stage. It can be adjusted for depth and incline making it perfect to use from birth to the toddler stage!


The tub comes with a cushioned clip on sling which supports a newborn during bathtime. This sling can easily be removed and placed back on following the instructions given. It’s pretty no brainer to figure it out! I like to take the sling off for faster drying and if baby has an oopsie in the tub, you may want to run that part through the washing machine or clean it by hand. The sling is nice and provides comfort for baby! I am loving the slip proof panel and it eases my mind of any worry of baby getting water in the ears or submerging their head underwater.

DSCN5139It collapses and it’s easy to make this happen with the flexible tub surface! The slip-proof legs can be unfolded out and pushed back in with no issue. You’ll know the legs properly in place when you hear a click. To push the legs back in for storage, you’ll simply have to press the two round buttons on each leg at the same time and push the legs in till ready for the next use. Easy peasy! It stows away nice and neat!


My back is loving there’s a drain hole plug on this tub. I don’t have to push myself to empty out a heavy tub of water! This feature makes this a wonderful tub to even bring a long to Grandma’s house if she’s caring for baby whether it be sponge bathing baby or giving a little one a full bath without using the entire home bathtub. I can’t help but think how much water using this tub probably saves too!

Is there anything I dislike? I can’t think of anything I hate! The tub I see lasting for many years to come! I highly recommend it!

I received this product at a discounted rate for honest review.