Luly Baby Bamboo Washcloths! {Review}

The Bamboo Wash Cloth set of six by Luly Baby are super soft! The organic bamboo may be a bit more costly than other cloths available on the market but it’s worth every penny! I like that these are eco-friendly and anti-bacterial. They come wrapped in plastic that makes a crinkle sound at the touch. The cloths are rolled into tubes and kept in place with a white ribbon. 

There are no tags on the 10×10 sized clothes. Care instructions are printed on the packaging. It’s suggested to wash cloths in warm water before use to tighten up the fibers and give the cloths additional softness. I followed the instructions and this set of cloths stood up to washing and drying coming out even more comfortable on the skin than before! There’s been no wear or loose strings in sight. 
I like that the cloths maintain shape after being washed. These cloths are thin but not overly. I’ve run across some pretty cheap baby cloths before that didn’t even last for more than a couple of months. I believe these cloths will stand up well over time. The generous sizing is nice for all sorts of baby wiping and cleaning needs. I prefer using these for the bath but they’d work great in addition to cloth diapering or when baby needs a wipe down after eating. These absorb really well!
The color that these cloths come in make them an ideal pick for a baby shower where you may not know the gender of the little one yet. I totally recommend these!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.