Science Experiment: The Inspiration of Insulation

I’ve been using the Magic School Bus as our primary science for this year. The internet has a plethora of information, lesson plans, and print out sheets  revolving around this series which makes compiling our lessons and experiments fun, fast, and easy! I’ll be posting many more and keeping somewhat of a digital record here on my blog! I’ll later compile a photo book of our science and nature studies for the year! DSCN4948
Our first project of the year is “The Inspiration of Insulation”.  I’m posting links to the DVD, Episode Number, Printable, and book that goes along with this experiment/lesson.  Enjoy and let me know if you’ve done or plan on doing this lesson too!  My daughter age 7 1/2 and my son age 5 really enjoyed this experiment and lesson!

*Magic School Bus: S3 EP:1 : Magic School Bus Into the Artic *

-Printable Worksheet:
-Lesson Plan:
-Printable Experiment:

*Photos of Our Experiment *