Newborn Essentials: Soins de bebe Nursing Cover, Baby Breastfeeding Cover #Soinsdebebe


The Soins de bebe Nursing Cover is a product all new or seasoned breastfeeding mothers will appreciate. The price is great for the bundle of offerings that come with the cover! Extras include a breastfeeding bracelet to keep up with feedings, a muslin square burp cloth, storage bag to keep everything tidy, and a code for a Breastfeeding tips e-guide book! This would be excellent if purchasing for ones self or as a gift!

DSCN4754Let’s talk about the cover itself. It’s generously sized at 32×27 making it a good choice for mothers of all shapes and sizes offering a good deal of privacy to you and baby! It comes in two different patterned colors, one being blue and the other purple. It can be easily adjusted with the d-rings on the around the neck strap before being worn or after. There’s a rigid neckline (it pops out a bit) so you can maintain eye contact with baby. Sewn on an inner corner of the cover is a cloth towel like pocket for wiping, storage, or both. On the outside cover there’s a generous size pocket to slip whatever you’d like into.


This cover is comfortable when worn. The material is light and airy. It’s breathable and that’s perfect for when nursing a baby. No one likes to get overheated. Even though the material is light, it’s not transparent or cheap feeling or looking in the least bit. The stitching on the cover is strong and doesn’t seem like it would unravel easily.


Care and storage of this cover was certainly thought out in its creation. There’s a drawstring bag to place it back into when not in use making it great for travel! The 100% cotton material is a no-brainer when needing to just throw it into the wash. It comes out soft and gentle to ones skin every time!


Overall, I would highly recommend this cover! The bundle makes it a steal and I feel that one should always have a few covers on hand for those just in case moments or if you have more than one on the go diaper bag!

*I received this product free to provide an honest and unbiased review. My opinion is my own and not influenced in any way.*