Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Ultra Light Down Jacket {Review} #mamaway


I had been looking for a jacket/coat that I wouldn’t have to give up wearing after I’ve had my baby and the search has been tedious! I got suggestions from friends and family to buy a size larger of what I would normally wear to accommodate my bump but in being petite in size those option left me swimming in a too heavy, too long, largely frumpy coat. So what’s a girl to do? Break down and get a maternity coat that I’d likely only wear for 3-4 months? I just didn’t feel the investment was a friend to my budget. I am sure most would agree that in buying a good quality coat that the quantity of use should last for a good amount of time not merely a few months. 

My search was over after I came across the Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Ultra Light Down Jacket! It’s 3-in-1 use for pregnancy, postnatal, and baby carrying is clearly the brain child of someone very smart in knowing this is something mothers and caregivers alike everywhere would likely be in favor of!

This jacket is very comfortable to wear. I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant and tip-toeing into my third trimester of pregnancy. I got this coat in a size small and it still has plenty of space to keep me and my bump warm thanks to the included fully attachable and detachable panel.DSCN4992

The panel is easy to use and if you are awake enough and not struggling from mommy brain, you won’t accidentally put the panel on upside down and wear it out in public that way while pregnant. The elastic part being at the bottom is designed for when pregnant to hug your bump and keep the elements out. But when you are baby wearing, you’ll want the elastic type part at the top to provide wider breathable space for baby. The panel is easy to zip off and on and when it’s not in use, it can be stored in the handy drawstring bag that’s included.

I’m a baby wearing mama! I wore my last two children and I intend on wearing my next baby once she arrives. The fact that this coat can be worn while wearing my baby is one of my favorite features! It can be cool year round depending where I am in Oregon (like at the Coast!) and knowing I can comfortable keep myself and my little one warm and protected from the wind and the rain is a huge bonus! This coat definitely has enough give with the panel piece to keep baby snugly against me while having space for the bulk of a baby-wearing carrier.DSCN4993

This jacket doesn’t feel heavy at all when being worn. It’s light weight but still gives one adequate warmth when being worn. I can wear this in 30 degree weather and not feel cold in the least bit but I can also wear it in upper 50’s and not over heat. Plus if I am feeling warm, I can always just wear it open. Or if I am feeling cooler than normal, I can simply throw on a warm hat or and scarf if not wanting to pull the hood over my head.DSCN4983

The outer part of the jacket features two pockets and the inside has pockets too! I love the inner pockets because I can easily slide my wallet, cellphone, lipbalm, or whatever else I wish too inside. The inner pockets have eliminated the need for me to always carry my purse around wherever I go! It’s a great unexpected but well appreciated feature!

The Mamaway Women’s Maternity Babywearing 3-in-1 Ultra Light Down Jacket is worth every penny! It comes in S – US 6 / M – US 8 / L – US 10 / XL – US 12. The colors available are many so there’s likely a choice that will fit someone personal favorite! I highly recommend this product and intend on wearing it even long after baby is too big to be worn! There’s nothing I dislike at all!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review and giveaway purposes at a deeply discounted price. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.