First Snow of 2016!

Over the weekend, we had our first snow of the year! Snow is somewhat rare in the area we are located at in Oregon. The kids were thrilled, however the snow didn’t stick around for very long. Shortly after it snowed, perhaps a few hours later, it started to melt. The melting equals my least favorite part in which not melting fast enough with freezing temperatures produces ice. Ice is scary. It makes for¬†treacherous driving and walking around in conditions because the county, just isn’t equipped for sanding down all the roads. Basically, if you don’t have to leave the house, stay home!¬†DSCN4658
The hens didn’t seem to mind the cold at all! I am so glad I made sure to pick breeds of hens that are cold hardy. Most say their hens stop laying in the winter but our flock keeps on producing eggs for us. We aren’t getting the normal 5-6 that we were getting in the warmer times but average about 3 a day. No complaints here about three fresh eggs a day either. Time and years gone by will tell if they are still strong layers in the cold. Before the age of two they are in their prime egg laying years so we may be getting more due to that.

The kids were disappointed the snow didn’t stay around that long but perhaps we’ll see a few more snowy days before the winter season is over. They at least got to get out for a bit and even drive through with their Dad to church before most places started closing down! Cold days prompt cozy drinks, family movie times, crafting, and games! May we have more ahead before Spring arrives.

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?¬†