EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: Dino Construction Company Rocko the Styracosaurus Dump Truck


The Dino Construction Company Rocko the Styracosaurus Dump Truck gets a lot of play by my five year old son. He has some other bigger Dino Construction vehicles but tends to prefer the smaller size of this one because he can bring it along pretty much anywhere. This Dump truck came with an action figure. This figure is a great addition to add to imaginative play adventures, especially if you collect for than one of the trucks in the series and have multiple figures for play!


The durability of the dump truck is top notch. My son plays hard and tends to put a lot of pressure when playing with his toys (if it’s cheap it’s going to break). The plastic isn’t the strongest but the fact it’s still in once piece after over a month of play wins my praises. The wheels on the bottom of the dump truck vehicle dinosaur leaves tracks when it goes across damp dirt, mud, or sand. The mouth of the dino opens and closes which is perfect for scooping sand and dirt. The back of the dump truck is perfect for holding rocks, blocks, sand, dirt, or whatever else. The mouth nor the dumping part of this toy has become un-maneuverable.


As a parent, I appreciate it’s completely kid-powered with no batteries needed. I like it’s withstanding play and that it can be paired with other sets from the Dino Construction line. It’s an excellent choice that promotes all sorts of wonderful things like story-telling, exploration, and developing fine and gross motor skills.


My son has paired this set with his other Dino Construction Company™ vehicles and construction set. His imagination runs wild and his story telling skills informing we of what’s going on are very precise. He’s had his little dino action figure go on digs and discover the fossils inside the rocks. This set like the others in the Dino Construction line is completely battery-free and 100% kid powered. I think it’s great alone but even better paired with the other sets.


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Overall Thoughts: I think these sets are a good choice for boys and girls ages 3 and up. The re-playability has been high with my son. My son has become a bigger dinosaur fan recently so I feel any fans of dinosaurs will be completely thrilled with any of the toys from the Dino Construction line.

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.