Coobie Seamless Bra and Violet Love Headband Review

coobie with lace


The Coobie Bra company states to offer the most comfortable bra ever and I agree! I’ve been wearing the Coobie brand for several years now! What prompted me to try them years ago was a free opportunity to share my thoughts followed by all the excellent feedback from ladies both young and well in their years about how wonderful these are.


Before trying Coobie Bras, my  issue when going bra shopping is that it’s extremely hard to find my size in most stores. I end up typically having to order on-line or if I need a bra right away, shopping for one in the juniors department. This dilemma left me with a very minimal selection that wasn’t extremely appealing and when ordering on-line not knowing if the bra would be an ideal fit and then there’s hassle that comes with probably having to return it. After looking at the selection of bras from Coobie I most certainly was drawn to the fashionable lace and center front ruching that allows for a more attractive shape without being appearing overly tight or uncomfortable.

Recently, Coobie sent me one of their one size bras (comfortably fits 32A through 36D) to review, the v-neck with an attractive lace trim in plum.  I first noticed that these bras are very soft and when placing them on I was amazed how well the fit was and how comfortable it these bras are when worn! Seamless is right as there was no noticeable wrinkles, edges or seams when wearing these with any of my favorite shirts or dresses. There is no hooks, clasps or under wire to deal with and this I like quite a bit. The straps on the bras are adjustable and allow you to wear the bras in a few different ways such as cross back or halter style. The bras have removable pads. If the pads or straps get misplaced or wear out, you can easily purchase new ones of the Coobie site instead of replacing your entire bra!

In expecting my third child end of April to the beginning of May, I opted to purchase three of their Nursing/Maternity bras! I wore these a few times and have deemed them as equal in quality to their other styles. These are far better than others I’ve tried on the market and I feel I will get much use out of each.  These are comfortable when worn all day and evening when going to bed at night. I certainly recommend both styles!


Speaking of comfort, I’ve been wearing the Alexandre headband by Violet Love Headbands! This headband is the most comfortable I’ve ever worn! It’s light, stylish, and has never given me a headache! It doesn’t slip from place and fits perfectly. It can be adjust to wider or thinner. If dirty it’s easy enough to wash it by hand to keep it looking nicer longer! What’s neat about this company is that they offer a huge array of styles for those of all ages! These are perfect for everyday, gym wear, fitness, yoga, running, and so forth! I would recommend checking them out.

Interested in Purchasing? A Coobie bra can be bought for $18-$22 (depending on the style) and Violet Love Headbands range from $15-$22. I would recommend getting connected with the company on their social media pages as they are constantly running great deals and promotions! Coobie can be found on too!

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DISCLOSURE/DISCLAIMER: I received these products for free to facilitate my review. My thoughts are mine and my family’s own opinion and have not been altered by anyone else. I did not receive any other compensation for doing this review.