The Frozen Wild: How Animals Survive in the Coldest Places on Earth

Winter is right around the corner and during the month of December for school, the children and I have been reading The Frozen Wild: How Animals Survive in the Coldest Places on Earth. The like-life illustrations in this book are wondrous to gaze upon! The book features fold out pages which are always fun to open up to see what’s inside! A few of the animals covered in this book are beavers, otters, killer whales, penguins, moose, and many more. The vast number of animals from land to sea  has made this book a  great choice to in-cooperate into unit studies for our family. 

There are just enough informative facts about each animal to engage one to delve deeper.  We learn were they live, what they eat, and what skills are used to live in such frigid conditions. We’ve linked this in with documentaries and reading Wikipedia articles about specific animals and the environments in which they call home.  It’s been a great resource and I recmomend it for children ages 5 and up. 
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Publisher’s Synopsis: Quietly it comes—the dark and chill of winter. And in the snow-covered fields and forests, the great northern plains, vast stretches of frozen tundra, and icy polar regions, wild animals have to survive day after day, night after night, out in the cold. How do they do it? Kids can bundle up and join award-winning author, illustrator, and naturalist Jim Arnosky as he follows the tracks of otters, beavers, moose, polar bears, killer whales, penguins, fur seals, and other creatures to discover more about their lives during this frigid season. Arnosky’s stunning art includes five magnificent foldouts that reveal worlds under the ice and at the farthest, frostiest reaches of the globe.

Ages 6-10 | Publisher: Sterling Children’s Books | 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-1454910251

Get a Copy for Yourself: Frozen Wild: How Animals Survive in the Coldest Places on Earth (Slither and Crawl) can be purchased on for $7.99 as of this posting!