The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook {Interview, Review and Giveaway}


Art, Coloring, and doodle books seem to be all the rage right now. I love drawing, coloring, and all sorts of forms of art so this recent boom has been a thrilling thing to see. Aside from doodling and coloring I adore the books that push one to physically create something completely new. Art is so wonderful because often one will create something they never knew that they could. For instance I tried out watercolor early this year and had no idea how much I would enjoy it! I just stared at a blank canvas and went with whatever came to my mind. The results weren’t what I was expecting in the sense that I thought I would be rubbish but something far better. 

In light of all the talk of art, I recently came across The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook. This book directs one in how to go about creating whimsical & decorative styles and scripts. These skills can used in card making, sign creating, logos, or if you want to add a bit of fanciness to any other type of art you seek to create.

I like this book because the ways in how to go about creating such designs is broken down into easy step by step instructions. Any beginner likely wouldn’t be intimidated to start creating. I like turning to this book in my free time set aside for creating. It’s a relaxing way to spend my time and very easy to do. Sections are broken up so you can pick and choose wherever you’d like to begin. There is plenty of space left for you to draw in the book if you want.  I am learning how to draw letters, flowers, leaves, and so on  and then putting it all together! This book has been a wonderful inspiration and guide!


-Author Interview-

What Inspired “The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook”? 

My background as an educator and as an artist lend itself to creating work that combines both of my passions. Obviously, hand-lettering has been really popular the last couple years, so with so many books out on the subject this one had to be a bit more specific or different in a major way. Botanicals are what I enjoy creating the most, so it made sense for flowers to intertwine with my lettering.

What was the most challenging thing about creating this book? 

There were several things that were very challenging about this particular project. The main one being to really simplify and break down my process into steps that can be easily followed visually, with minimal text. I wanted this book to be adaptable to all skill levels and all ages, so it was important for it to be both informational as well as beautiful and visually engaging.

What’s your favorite art medium for creating? 

 I have found that the most gratifying means of working are through the limitation of using only pencil, pen, and paper. I think especially in the past couple years following graduate school and living in New York, with very little space to create, I have challenged and pushed myself to utilize simple materials to still make a large impact. I address some of my favorite tools in the introduction to The Botanical Hand-Lettering Workbook: Pilot ink pens, Microns, and regular white paper.

Do Intend on Creating More Hand-Lettering Themed Workbooks? 
Hand-lettering always has been and always will be prevalent within my work and I am already getting great feedback on the things that are and are not working with this book for the audience. There will be a period to really think about what another workbook would look like and how it could build onto this one.
In terms of design work, I am currently developing a couple projects that will be hand-lettered, but not as the focus. I am also focusing on more teaching opportunities with classes and workshops that will allow me to see and facilitate the development of skills with my students in person.
Interested in Purchasing? The Botanical Hand Lettering Workbook: Draw Whimsical and Decorative Styles and Scripts is available on Amazon in digital and paperback format. I would strongly encourage the paperback version if you intend on drawing in the book. But if you prefer to draw somewhere separately, by all means invest in the digital version!

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