Autumn Update and a Change…

It’s been quite a long time and there’s not a peep out of me over here on my blog. Guilty as charged! The Autumn season seems to be slipping away from me this year but it’s not over yet! The wretched all day sickness that happens to some women during their pregnancy once again has been roaring it’s ugly head in my own body. I’ve just cleared the first trimester of pregnancy and feel as if I am still taking baby steps into my second. I’m not completely 100% full of energy, wellness, and freedom from feeling fatigued or sick to stomach just yet. The sick feeling comes and goes from day to day. I tend to feel worse when I over do it (it doesn’t take a whole lot to put me there either). Overdoing it puts me in bed almost all day and often leaves me with a migraine that in turn makes me toss my cookies. Yeah, that’s pretty much been life since September for me.

Family outings, homeschool plans, and many other normal day to day things have had to take a back seat to me growing this baby.  I’m okay with that but I won’t lie and say I’ve been all that happy about it. I’ve gotten mad on more than one occasion for feeling so awful, for missing out on events with friends and families, and in general not being able to keep the house run as smoothly as it previously had been. But that’s life…. it happens when you’ve made other plans. I learned to let go and that things like a perfectly swept floor every single day wasn’t going to kill anyone if it wasn’t done.

During this time I’ve felt God speaking to me. Know that I’ve been unsettled about many things this year most certainly because I’d been crying out and daily seeking what God wants from me. It took getting pregnant among other life changing and impacting things throughout the year to really shake me up. Through a very time consuming process these things helped me to realize what needed to be cut out of my life and what needed to stay.  I’m a work in progress. His mercies are new every morning and our constant need for God daily is what gives us hope to keep moving forward no matter where were are on our journey.


One thing that was very apparent in needing to go or least cut way back on was my product review blogging. Keeping deadlines and having the energy and capabilities to properly review a product during my first trimester of pregnancy this go around was impossible. To be honest I was only holding it together by a thread before I was pregnant.  Packages kept coming I didn’t request and I felt guilted into putting reviews up. Often you won’t find a blogger talking about the stresses of reviewing but believe me when I say there is a certain level of stress (Perhaps I’ll talk about it in another post).  I lost the love and joy and was finding the task more burdensome than as fun and exciting as it was when I first started out.

My perspective changed from earlier days and my blog had become something less personal than I intended it too. I’m excited to see what my blog becomes from here on out and I invite you to stick around and see if you are interested in more the blogger and her family and our life experiences over the plethora of item views and giveaways I’ve featured here.  This Autumn season, I’m turning over a new leaf.

photo credit: red yellow of nature via photopin (license)