Ann McCallum Books: Eat Your U.S. History Homework {Schoolhouse Crew Review}

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I feel strongly that when learning something new that it should be approached in several different ways. Everyone learns and retains information differently. Where some will remember everything read straight from a book, other learns better but taking what is taught and re-creating it with art, cooking, song, or in some other medium.  My children both learn in different ways but topics and approaches that seems to be remembered the most by both of them are the hands-on-activities like cutting, pasting, drawing, and certainly cooking.

I was introduced Ann McCallum Books  through the Schoolhouse Review Crew Team. These books give teachers and homeschool families the chance to take a current subject or topic being studied further in a fun, unique, and hands on way. I was sent the Eat Your U.S. History Homework book which has tied in pretty perfectly to the Pilgrim and Colonial History studies my son and daughter  have delved into this school season! Not only are my children learning history, they are given the opportunity to cook foods from many different recipes from settlers and important groups of people through out American History! 


-About Ann McCallum Books –

There are a number of Ann McCallum Books for children, four being award winning. Two of her books are math fairy tales and the others books incorporate recipes and cooking into science, math, and history. The Eat Your Through Homework books are best suited for ages 6 to around 11 years old and give children a way to explore and learn about the world around then in a fun
unforgettable way!

-Our Experience and Thoughts on Eat Your U.S History Homework-

My kids ages 4 1/2 and 7 years old adore Eat Your U.S History Homework! They were drawn in right away by the whimsical and sometimes often silly illustrations found through this historical cookbook for kids. The book takes readers through 1607 starting with the early American Pilgrims and ends in 1789 when George Washington is elected as the first president as the first U.S. President. I really like at the beginning of the book there’s a time-line to walk you through what important historical events happened when.

In this book there are a total of six recipes. One can cook all the recipes throughout the school year if planning accordingly! Each of the recipes begins with a brief history. Following the history is the recipe. Each recipe has a before you begin section, ingredients needed, equipment to use, and method. The recipe method has cute illustration graphics for about every step which has pictures of a things like mixer, specific ingredients being added to a bowl, and so on to ensure you are following along with each step correctly. In ending each recipe section there are fun facts and more historically accurate information to take in.

My kids seem more drawn into their history lessons thanks to this book! Our favorite recipe has been the Colonial Cherry-Berry Grunt! This recipe mimics the general cobblers we make but instead of baking it in the oven, we were instructed to cook it on the stove top like colonist would have! In being able to cook these recipes together for our history lessons my kids have been more excited about learning about American History! Major props for the author in writing in an entertaining way that interest children, the illustrator for giving them fun pictured pages to keep them engaged, and for all the delicious recipes that were included.

I would recommend this book and the others in series for a span of ages and grades in keeping school fun and exciting!

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Ann McCallum Books Review
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