Maestro Classics: Peter and the Wolf {Review}

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Through the Schoolhouse Crew Review Team I was introduced to Maestro Classics  and given the opportunity to review a physical CD copy of Peter and the Wolf! This offering has given us a fun and informative way to teach and learn along with our family about this classic Russian Folk story and about everything and everyone that played a part in making it come to life through music!

About Maestro Classics Peter and the Wolf: 

The Story of Peter and the Wolf is about a young lad that disobeys his grandfather by climbing over a garden wall. In doing so, he encounters a wolf that has a taste for his friends crow, duck, ,cat, and possibly even him! There’s action, adventure, and quick thinking on Peter’s part to make things right. The instruments and music choices really make the story come alive leaving you on the edge of your seat completely captivated! The London Philharmonic Orchestra, Grammy-Nominated conductor Stephen Simon, and narrator Yadu, do an amazing job in providing an unforgettable listening experience.

Run time of Peter and the Wolf is a little over an hour, sixty eight minutes and sixteen seconds to be exact. On the CD aside from the main story are educational tracks that introduce a short biography of the composer Sergei Prokofiev, the conductor tells listeners what to listen for in the music, an extra track with no narration, a dance-along to the most famous Russian folk Medley, and a a performance by the Trio Voronezh, a folk trio who play musical selections from Peter and the Wolf on traditional Russian instruments, and more.

The album also comes with a 24-page activity booklet that can be used after listening to the album. This book has activities such as word searches, connect the dots, crosswords, matching instruments to the correct characters in the story, and information about the composer, traditional Russian instruments used, and so forth.

In addition to the activity booklet, one can also download a FREE Peter and the Wolf curriculum guide off the Maestro Classics website. This curriculum guide has activities for history, science, geography, language arts, art, music, and math. You can download subjects individually or all at once together.

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