Fish Flix {Schoolhouse Crew Review} Review no 2
My family had to put off our science field trip to the aquarium this month due to my pregnancy leaving me not feeling so great. In order to keep the peace and happy the hearts of my kids, I’ve been gearing them up for our yet to be announced visit in other ways. One of these ways has included reading books and watching movies and documentaries with the ocean and sea-life as the main theme. I tread cautiously in the area of documentaries when it comes to science because I don’t want my kids sent mixed messages as we believe in the divine creator God of all life and creation. There are a lot of different views out there on how things came to be that just don’t line up.

In being a member of the the Schoolhouse Crew Review Team, I was introduced to , an on-line Christian movie store that offers films to entertain, education, and inspire. This company generously sent my family Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth DVD to share our thoughts upon. This film came at the perfect time in gearing the kids up to learn about all sorts of aquatic life in an up close and personal way. 

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-Our Thoughts on Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth –

We received the Living Waters DVD, a 68 minute documentary that provides evidence for intelligent design by taking a look at the life and biology of dolphins, sea turtles, salmon, and whales.
Various scientists and biologists explain how each of these animals have internal biological synergy that would be useless with only parts and not the whole. This is to support the idea these animals would have to be created as a whole, not developed over time.

Each section for each animal is around 15 minutes and is well designed and covers each animal in full, as far as what they focus on. The aquatic imagery is beautiful and the bulk of what you see. There are also interviews with scientists, as well as some CGI and other visuals such as maps to better show what they are explaining, such as the internal structure of a dolphins head.

Nearly all of the arguments made stand on their own. No opposing viewpoints are given, but it is not marketed as a debate on the subject. One argument, despite I have the same belief, had a point one could refute. Essentially it was on how several species have the same general instincts, which randomly is nigh impossible. The counter would be that if the base creatures they all originated from had that trait, so would the later ones. Again, I agree with them on the whole, but that one argument is basically the only fault I found.

The DVD is only in English in both audio and the subtitles.

This DVD is a great use for examining intelligent design, or when studying sea life in general, or watching just one of the sections if you are studying one of the specific animals covered. The menus divide the presentation into sections for each animal to easily reach one one being studied.

Video of aquatic scenery is in the background of the menus, which a nice touch.

There is much to learn about the various animals covered on the DVD and I learned a lot about their lives and biology. This and the amazing vistas of the oceans and rivers make this a fine production that does its job well.

**Our kids ages 7 and 4/12 years old sat through watching this film from start to finish. Both kids thought the film was very interesting and while some of it may have gone over their heads, we feel that they learned a lot. Our son especially liked seeing the internal parts of each animal to see how it worked. We feel this DVD is an excellent study tool and will use for specific animal studies in the future.**


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