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An educational site that I can use for my children, despite their age or what grade they are in I count as a great resource. If a site features multiple subjects  such as math, science, phonics,  or English to name a few, even better.  Though my children have their curriculum planned out for the school year, things have the potential to come up and plans change in our weekly schedule. If we can’t do something we intended or if my children are needing a little extra practice of concepts and terms taught, resources such as printable worksheets help in a huge way. 
In being a member of the Schoolhouse Crew Review team, I received the privilege to review Super Teacher Worksheets . I was given an Individual Membership which covers access to everything on their site for up to one full calendar year! In light of current events and our soon to be a bit more busy schedule this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. 

-About Super Teacher Worksheets-
Super Teacher Worksheets is a educational resource site primarily meant for teachers and home-schoolers of those in pre-k through fifth grade. This site was launched in 2007 and has been online for over eight years. The company founder Tim Weibel previously was an elementary teacher for over 10 years and taught 3rd and 4th grade. This business is small and currently has 10 employees. They also have the site SMART Board resources for teachers called
On this site there are over 10,000 printable worksheets, activities, and games. In addition to the many already available resources, the site features a worksheet generator in which one can create customized worksheets that cater to what a child is already learning. Generated sheets examples include spelling, quizzes, word puzzles, math, flashcards, calendars, and much more.

The subject categories for worksheets listed are Math, Reading & Writing, Phonics & Early Literacy, Handwriting, Grammar, Spelling Lists & Worksheets, Science, Social Studies, Holidays, Puzzles & Brain Teasers, Teacher Helpers, Pre-K and Kindergarten, and Make You Own Worksheets. Most worksheets are available in both English and Spanish. New worksheets are added to the website weekly and the site is expanding in offering worksheets in higher grades.


Members have access to their own personal Filing Cabinet. While browsing worksheets there’s always an icon to click which will save that worksheet into the Filing Cabinet for future use. This feature is available in the top menu bar on every page visited on Super Teacher Worksheets. Other helpful icons listed below worksheets and descriptions include a magnify glass for previewing the sheet, a CC icon if the worksheet meets common core standards, and a icon with the word lang if available in more than one language.


There are two memberships currently available which are individual and school building site license. The Individual Membership costs $19.95 ( a nickel a day!) a year. The School Building Site License grants access for all teacher within a schooling building for $300 a year. You can sign on from any online computer with your log in information. Memberships can be purchased by check, money order, or securely online.

-How we use Super Teacher Worksheets –  

I’ve been using Super Teacher Worksheets about three times a week or more. I like to pick out worksheets to use based on the studies my son and daughter are doing currently. For example, my daughter is just learning the basics of grammar. Her main curriculum teaches what she should know but I feel like she needs more practice to ensure those concepts really stick. She’s currently been delving into nouns and proper punctuation. The grammar worksheets  offered on these concepts include hands on activities such as cutting and pasting, sentence scrabbles to solve, and so on. DSCN4185

My son is between pre-k and kindergarten so we are doing a lot of practice of things he should have pegged down. He’s enjoying the color  by number worksheets and the drawing of shapes from circles to trapezoids! These worksheets have been helping his handwriting improve, his art skills, and his recognition of more advanced shape forms. Often he’ll be completing these during the times I need to have one on one lessons with his sister or when we have shorter school days and I need something to fill the gaps. 


Other activity worksheets my kids are both enjoying and having fun with are the  Holiday worksheets. I’ve been printing out back to school sheets to do now and saving Halloween and Thanksgiving sheet into the Filing Cabinet section under my account to print for the weeks ahead.  Worksheets they are looking forward to are dioramas, calendar sheet, puzzles, and so on! 


-My  Final Thoughts-

As a parent and homeschool educator to my children, I feel that Super Teacher Worksheets is a excellent site. It’s helpful in supplementing and deepening our studies in a fun and engaging way. I find that through the plethora of worksheets offered I usually can find exactly what I need. If I am aiming to be more specific the sites helpful worksheet generator gives me the opportunity to do so. I found that building worksheets however I desire is easy to do and stress free. If I want,  I able to save my created worksheet under my account for later. Worksheets also include an answer key for quick grading. DSCN4202
The navigation of the site is favorable of in finding what I am looking for.  The left side bar list the main subject categories and concepts under each. If needing something a bit more specific, there’s a search bar at the top of the toolbar. The main page features newly added worksheets and a few other categories which seem to change up. For example, the landing page includes a section of top worksheets that may be of ones interest to follow the links to print each out if preferred.
I am pretty happy with Super Teacher Worksheets. I feel my family will get much more use out of it. It’s a great price at only $19.95 a year! I highly recommend it for all homeschool families. It’s a great resource as it spans many grade level, there are so many worksheets to choose from, and you can create your own worksheets quick and efficiently!


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