Our Broody Silver Laced Wyandotte

My daughter’s  Silver Laced Wyandotte “Joy” went broody about two weeks ago. She was certainly set on hatching fake and actual eggs into baby chicks.  Anytime we would coax her out of the nesting box so others could lay eggs, she’d puff up really big and growl at us! Since the local feed store just got baby chicks in, we decided to get three. Since there’s a limt on how many adult chickens we can keep, we decided a few of the chicks would be sold when they are older or replace some of our not so friendly and peace keeping hens.  
We picked up a Black Australorp, Easter Egger, and Black Sex Link on Saturday. We learned right away that introducing chicks during the day time was a bad idea. The others hens were having their time sitting on top of her and fighting in the nesting box even there was another on they could lay eggs in. Ugh! We then moved Joy into a large pet taxi and let her settle in the box alone for the day. We left three fake eggs under her. When it was well into night, we snuck the baby chicks under her and took the eggs out. When morning arrived she was mothering those baby chicks like she hatched them herself! For now we are keeping her and the babies separate from the flock until the chicks can hold on their own in getting adjusted into the pecking order. Let’s just say the others aren’t as welcoming at the moment. I’ve been reading up and doing my best to ease the transition. It’s been fun to watch and quite the learning experience.