Fun Monster Themed Stories by Sterling Children’s Books!


Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson is a tale about a little girl that is not afraid of monsters! In this story, we see the measures that brave Winifred Schnitzel goes through to keep monsters at bay so she can get some sleep. Her attempts are many and  vary from string monster snares and using smelly Limburger cheese. Yuck! She was loosing sleep and it was not a nice thing. She needed her rest because rest is best!

Children ages 4-8 years old that are a afraid of monsters at bedtime are sure to enjoy this book. My children were interested in seeing how she would solve her dilemma! Parents don’t have to worry about scary, creepy, or spooky looking monster illustrations in this story. The pictures are colorful and entertaining. The story is written in a fun rhyming way which make for a smooth read that’s perfect for story telling and keeping readers and listeners captivated!


 Mind Your Monsters by Catherine Bailey is  Artistic and Insightful. In this book there are monsters invading the town!  Wally the main character in this story is challenged in figuring out how to bring back peace to his town. Even though it’s an invasion, it’s not one that would be scary or frightening to children.  The monsters aren’t necessarily terrorizing people, they are just using the town as their playground. Actions of the monsters include werewolves chasing mailmen, zombies knocking over lampposts, and so on. The monster illustrations are cheerful and not scary in the least bit. In this story, children will learn about good manners such as saying please and thank you. Kindness and being polite reaches the monsters in in ways not at all expected!

This book my son age 4 1/2 and my daughter age 7 really have enjoyed. They sat without a peep gazing at all the illustrations and interesting story line. I personally feel this book is the best I’ve read on manners in awhile! It’s interesting way about going about it is great. I feel like this would even be a cute short animated film. We can all can act a little bit like the monsters or know someone who does but in having a heart of kindness and practicing manners toward others peace can prevail.

Dining with…Monsters!: A Disgusting Way to Count to 10! by Agnese Baruzzi is a creative way to teach counting. This book my 4 year old son adores bringing out for me to read. He loves everything gross, icky, and pretty much anything that gets an ew reaction out of me. In this book, there are 10 monsters all differing in appearance and tastes. The book features fold out pages that open to what’s inside each monsters mouth. An example of a monster is as follows; The Horrible Monster black-as-coal gobbled up 1 Spider Whole! Each monster is introduced and what they eat and the amount follows in a written in rhyme way. This book is perfect for children learning how to count or that just adores monsters!


The Color Monster: A Pop-Up Book of Feelings is a book that illustrates feelings in the way of colors. The illustrations have a colored with crayons look. Certain pages feature cardboard cutouts and paper cutouts along with amazingly done pop-ups! The book is a lot of fun to look at. The color representations of the feelings is smart and simplified in a way that’s easy to comprehend. Children likely will be able to express themselves a bit better and learn how to handle their feelings after being read this book and talking about it. Emotions can be overwhelming so I am pleased this book is out there as a resource to turn to for parents, caregivers, and teachers!

Required Federal Trade Commission disclaimer: I was provided complimentary copies of these book by Sterling Children’s Publishers in exchange for spreading the word about and sharing an honest review. This post may contain affiliate links.