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I’m going to be honest in saying that my wardrobe has needed a major overhaul for many years now. Up until recently I was still holding onto maternity clothes from my last pregnancy(which was four and a half years ago) and even a few pieces from my high-school days. Over the last month, the purging bug bit me and I figured that there was no time like the better to update my wardrobe. I would have loved to donate or throw everything out and start with a blank slate but our family budget would have completely exploded. I knew I needed to be smart about where I bought my new clothes. Wise shopping for tasteful, flattering, fitting, and cheap clothing landed me at 599fashion.com

599fashion was kind enough to send me a few pieces complimentary pieces from their site to share my honest opinion on. The decision of what to pick out was hard! It was difficult because there is a plethora of fashionable and trendy items to browse through. Browsing on the site was made easy. I was able to search by type, color, price, and size. Many of the clothing items are pictures on models and give several different views and the option to zoom in. The listings inform one how much the piece is in retail, the current price on the site, and how much you’ll be saving. You can leave a comment if you’ve purchased the piece or read a customer review below if there is one.


The categories 599fashion offer currently are apparel, jewelry, plus size, accessories, beauty, shoes,kids, mens, general, and sale. I really like I can shop for the whole family here. The variety of items is likely to cater toward many different preferred fashion tastes and styles which is something I love.

After heavily weighing my options, I was able to choose a few pieces that could be mixed and matched together as well as made to work with a few things I already owned. A pair of sandals, a dress, white skinny jeans, a teal sweater top, and a gorgeous full sleeved kimono waterfall shrug equaled up to just under $30.00! Shipping was very fast.


The fit of each of the pieces I received was perfect (even the shoes)! I’ve washed the apparel I received per given instruction and everything has come out looking as good as new. The material isn’t super thin. There’s been no loose stitching or signs of wear after being worn quite a few times. The quality of each of the pieces from 599fashion have exceeded my expectations.

I’m quite happy with my new wardrobe additions thanks to 599fashion and am planning on picking up a few more things as Fall and Winter makes way. I’ve got my eye on a few of the affordable accessories such as the fashion scarves and bracelets. It’s great to know if I am needing to pick up something for everyday or special occasion it won’t break the budget to do so! They have a hassle free return policy just in case something you receive isn’t working out. Just make sure to follow the size charts and I imagine you’ll never need to do so.

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Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are my own or my immediate family members, based on our personal experience with the product.